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*NEW recently added to ECC's collection - Books, DVDs, and Music CDs: New Books & Documentaries - General Collection/Research

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NEW Books & Documentaries - General Collection/Research

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November 2017

B     Philosophy, Psychology, Religion  
          Blowing up : Minetor, Randi
  Muslims and the making of America  Hussain, Amir
D     History: Europe, Asia, Africa  
  America and the Great War : Wagner, Margaret E.
  War against war : Kazin, Michael
  The cold war : Westad, Odd Arne
  Charlemagne  Fried, Johannes
  Gorbachev : Taubman, William
  The hornet's nest   
E-F   History: America  
  First ladies and American women : Hummer, Jill Abraham
  A concise history of U.S. foreign policy  Kaufman, Joyce P.
  Struggle on their minds : Zamalin, Alex
G     Geography, Anthropology, Recreation  
  What made Maddy run : Fagan, Kate (Sports writer)
H     Social Sciences  
  Leaders eat last : Sinek, Simon
  Start with why : Sinek, Simon
  Innovation and scaling for impact : Seelos, Christian
  Excuse me : Thomas, Rosanne J.
  Hidden in plain sight : Mehlman-Orozco, Kimberly
  The American middle class :  
  The American middle class :  
  No right to be idle : Rose, Sarah F.
  Substance abuse : Newton, David E.
J     Political Science  
  Defying the odds : Ceaser, James W.
K     Law  
  Tainted witness : Gilmore, Leigh
  The public domain : Fishman, Stephen
L     Education  
  The almanac of American education 2017   
  Teaching college : Eng, Norman
  Scholarship handbook 2018  
M    Music  
  Encyclopedia of classic rock  Luhrssen, David
N     Fine Arts  
  Treasures of Asian art : Leidy, Denise Patry
  May Morris : Morris, May
P     Language and Literature  
  Disney A to Z : Smith, Dave
  The elements of journalism : Kovach, Bill
  The year's best science fiction :  
  The walking dead compendium one  Kirkman, Robert
  The walking dead compendium two  Kirkman, Robert
  The walking dead compendium three  Kirkman, Robert
  The Omega Men : King, Jeff F.
  Do androids dream of electric sheep?  Dick, Philip K.
  In Darwin's room  Greger, Debora
  The illuminatus! trilogy  Shea, Robert
  Depression & other magic tricks  Benaim, Sabrina
  Zig-zag girl  Twohy, Brenna
  Plucking the stinger  Rogers, Stephanie M.
Q     Science  
  Prime numbers and the Riemann hypothesis  Mazur, Barry
  Ecoviews too : Gibbons, Whit
  Experiments in democracy : Hurlbut, J. Benjamin
  The secret life of the mind : Sigman, Mariano
R     Medicine  
  No apparent distress : Pearson, Rachel
  The body size and health debate  Selby, Christine L. B.
  Alzheimer's disease decoded : Sahyouni, Ronald
  Book for Crohns : forCrohns
  Handbook of pediatric psychology   
  ADHD : Wender, Paul H.
T     Technology  
  Girls auto clinic glove box guide  Banks, Patrice
Z     Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources  
  Silenced in the library : Jarvis, Zeke

October 2017

B     Philosophy, Psychology, Religion  
             Before you know it : Bargh, John A.
  Find your why : Sinek, Simon
  Shrinking violets : Moran, Joe
  10-minute mindfulness : Scott, S. J.
  The four tendencies : Rubin, Gretchen
  Grit : Duckworth, Angela
  Shinto : Hardacre, Helen
D     History: Europe, Asia, Africa  
  The allure of battle : Nolan, Cathal J.
  Why? : Hayes, Peter
  Shooting ghosts : Brennan, Thomas James
  Shoot like a girl : Hegar, Mary Jennings
  Dare not linger : Mandela, Nelson
E-F   History: America  
  God's red son : Warren, Louis S.
  1777: Snow, Dean R.
  Cattle kingdom : Knowlton, Christopher
G     Geography, Anthropology, Recreation  
  Atari age : Newman, Michael Z.
H     Social Sciences  
  The industries of the future  Ross, Alec
  Janesville : Goldstein, Amy
  Hillbilly elegy : Vance, J. D.
  A place at the table  
  A place at the table :  
  No fears, no excuses : Smith, Larry
  Career onramp : Buckley, Jared
  Social media :  
  Human trafficking : Aronowitz, Alexis A.
  About abortion : Sanger, Carol
  We : Anderson, Gillian
  Gun control in the United States : Carter, Gregg Lee
  Prisons in the United States : Banks, Cyndi
J     Political Science  
  In the shadows of the American century : McCoy, Alfred W.                                                                                    
K     Law  
  Waging war : Barron, David J.
L     Education  
  Say this, not that to your professor : Bremen, Ellen
  10 steps to earning awesome grades (while studying less)  Frank, Thomas (Podcaster)
  Despite the best intentions : Lewis, Amanda E.
M     Music  
  Good booty : Powers, Ann
N     Fine Arts  
  Plant :  
  Sketch your stuff : Stich, Jon
  Edward Johnston : Taylor, Richard (Archivist)
P     Language and Literature  
  Wild things : Handy, Bruce
  Superman : Gordon, Ian
  Roald Dahl's marvellous medicine  Solomon, Tom
  The complete Grimm's fairy tales   
Q     Science  
  American wolf : Blakeslee, Nate
  The skeleton revealed : Huskey, Steve
  Clinical microbiology made ridiculously simple  Gladwin, Mark
  I contain multitudes : Yong, Ed
  How the immune system works  Sompayrac, Lauren
  Human virology  Oxford, John Sidney
  Molecular virology of human pathogenic viruses  Ryu, Wang-Shick
R     Medicine  
  Medical terminology : Hassen, Chase
  The right to die : Ball, Howard
  Vaccination and its critics : Rosner, Lisa
  The complete guide to nutrients : Sharon, Michael (Nutrition consultant)
  How can I get better? : Horowitz, Richard I.
  Bipolar disorder : Mondimore, Francis Mark
  The craving mind : Brewer, Judson
  The post-traumatic stress disorder sourcebook : Schiraldi, Glenn R.
  Bad boys, bad men : Black, Donald W.
  Unbroken brain : Szalavitz, Maia
  Lethal decisions : Ammann, Arthur J.
  100 questions & answers about HIV and AIDS  Gallant, Joel E.
  Living a healthy life with HIV  Webel, Allison R.
  Suicide squeeze : Kashatus, William C.
  Heart & hands : Davis, Elizabeth
  The baby book : Sears, William
  The parents' concise guide to childhood vaccinations : Feder, Lauren
  Losing patience : Peinkofer, Jim
  Childhood obesity in America : Dawes, Laura
  Cerebral palsy : Miller, Freeman
  Straight talk about psychiatric medications for kids  Wilens, Timothy E.
  Play therapy :  
  Uniquely human : Prizant, Barry M.
  Free your child from overeating : Maidenberg, Michelle
  The ADHD advantage : Archer, Dale
  All about ADHD : Phelan, Thomas W.
  Pharmacology made incredibly easy!   
  Marijuana : Newton, David E.
  Medical dosage calculations: a dimensional analysis approach  Olsen, June Looby
  Health assessment for nursing practice  Wilson, Susan Fickertt
  Saunders comprehensive review for the NCLEX-RN examination  Silvestri, Linda Anne
  First year nurse :  
  How to become a nurse : Hassen, Chase
  Nursing careers : Hassen, Chase
S     Agriculture  
  Big chicken : McKenna, Maryn
T     Technology  
  High and dry : Alley, William M.
  The history of human space flight  Spitzmiller, Ted
  The pioneer woman cooks : Drummond, Ree
  The Moosewood Restaurant table :  

September 2017

E     History:  America  
             John Adams  McCullough, David G.
K     Law  
  Uncovering the constitution's moral design  DeHart, Paul R.

August 2017

A     General Works  
                   The Muses on their lunch hour  Garber, Marjorie B.
B     Philosophy, Psychology, Religion  
  Hypatia : Watts, Edward Jay
  What psychology majors could (and should) be doing : Silvia, Paul J.
  Motivation 101  Schreiber, James
  The stress test : Robertson, Ian H.
  Success : Olson, Deborah A.
  Beauty sick : how the cultural obsession with appearance hurts girls... Engeln, Renee
  When doing the right thing is impossible  Tessman, Lisa
  Sacred bliss : Ferrara, Mark S.
  Village atheists : Schmidt, Leigh Eric
D     History: Europe, Asia, Africa  
  The Holocaust : Rees, Laurence
  1956: the world in revolt Hall, Simon
  Israel : Gordis, Daniel
E-F   History: America  
  Ojibwa : Johnson, Michael
  The American spirit : McCullough, David G.
  Race and ethnicity in America  Iceland, John
  The fire this time :  
  Never caught : Dunbar, Erica Armstrong
  The true flag : Kinzer, Stephen
  Rising star : Garrow, David J.
  The flood year 1927 : Parrish, Susan Scott
G     Geography, Anthropology, Recreation  
  The Oxford handbook of environmental ethics   
  Future humans : Solomon, Scott
  Women who tri : DiFabio, Alicia
H     Social Sciences  
  The entrepreneur's playbook : Green, Leonard C.
  Boss lady : Sparks, Edith
  The rise and fall of American growth : Gordon, Robert James
  Cracking the code to a successful interview : Pellett, Evan
  Present like a pro : Hausman, Carl
  Beyond trans : Davis, Heath Fogg
  American child bride : Syrett, Nicholas L.
  Life's work : Parker, Willie J.
  Teaching The levees :  
  The gospel of kindness : Davis, Janet M.
  How the drug war ruins American lives  Benavie, Arthur
  Fundamentals of Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention  Straus, Scott
  South of forgiveness : Þórdis Elva Þorvaldsdóttir
  Fraud : Balleisen, Edward J.
  Exploring and understanding careers in criminal justice : Sheridan, Matthew J.
J     Political Science  
  How America lost its secrets : Epstein, Edward Jay
  Immigration : Eastman, Cari Lee Skogberg
K     Law  
  Magna carta : Jones, Dan
  The face that launched a thousand lawsuits : Lake, Jessica
  Uncovering the constitution's moral design  DeHart, Paul R.
L     Education  
  A perfect mess : Labaree, David F.
  U thrive : Lerner, Daniel, MAPP
  Teach like Finland : Walker, Timothy D.
  Lower ed : Cottom, Tressie McMillan
  Check it off! : Teller, Vera
  Reskilling America : Newman, Katherine S.
  The Store  Patterson, James
M     Music  
  Terminated for reasons of taste : Eddy, Chuck
N     Fine Arts  
  Otto Dix :  
  Street art world  Young, Alison
  Basic human anatomy : Osti, Roberto
  Tropical light : Kuzmanovi, Natasha
  Domestic scenes : Weschler, Lawrence
P     Language and Literature  
  Are some languages better than others?  Dixon, Robert M. W.
  What the f : Bergen, Benjamin K.
  Learning Spanish  
  Learning Spanish (accompanying book)  
  English mercury reader   
  The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature  Hahn, Daniel
  The Oxford companion to fairy tales   
  Art of public speaking Hale, John R.
  What liberal media? : Alterman, Eric
  Beren and Lúthien  Tolkien, J. R. R.
  The Norton anthology of American literature   
  Whereas : Dunn, Stephen
  Choke : Palahniuk, Chuck
  Fight Club  Palahniuk, Chuck
  Lullaby : Palahniuk, Chuck
  Quickening fields  Rogers, Pattiann
  Whereas  Long Soldier
Q     Science  
  American eclipse : Baron, David
  Understanding the digital world : Kernighan, Brian W.
  Climate change : Bedford, Daniel
  A dictionary of chemistry.  
  DNA technology : Newton, David E.
  The Cambridge dictionary of human biology and evolution  Mai, Larry L.
R     Medicine  
  Bioethics : Holland, Stephen Michael
  Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary   
  How to survive a plague : France, David
  Scott Cole in home/in studio.  
  Scott Cole in home/in studio.  
  Handbook of signs & symptoms   
  Sexually transmitted diseases sourcebook :  
  Mental health disorders sourcebook :  
  Eating disorders sourcebook :  
  Nursing 2017 drug handbook.  
  Davis's drug guide for nurses  Vallerand, April Hazard
  Complete guide to prescription & nonprescription drugs  Griffith, Henry Winter
  Childhood diseases and disorders sourcebook :  
  The pill book   
  Test success : Nugent, Patricia Mary
S     Agriculture  
  American farms, American food : Hudson, John C.
  Native plants of the Midwest : Branhagen, Alan
  The dog merchants : Kavin, Kim
T     Technology  
  Nutrition made clear  
  Nutrition made clear (accompanying book)  
  The everyday gourmet :  
  The everyday gourmet (accompanying book):  
  Fast favorites under pressure  Laurence, Meredith
Z     Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources  
  Indelible ink : Kluger, Richard
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