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*NEW recently added to ECC's collection - Books, DVDs, and Music CDs: New Books & Documentaries - General Collection/Research

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NEW Books & Documentaries - General Collection/Research

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June 2018

B     Philosophy, Psychology, Religion  
  Shame : Stearns, Peter N.
  God : Aslan, Reza
  Seven ways of looking at religion : Schewel, Benjamin
C     Auxiliary Sciences of History  
  Homo deus : Harari, Yuval N.
D     History: Europe, Asia, Africa  
  Germany  Egert-Romanowska, Joanna
E-F   History: America  
  Barracoon : Hurston, Zora Neale
G     Geography, Anthropology, Recreation  
  Cannibalism : Schutt, Bill
  100 greatest video game characters   
  Ready player two : Chess, Shira
  Army pocket physical training guide   
  Creating the Big Ten : Solberg, Winton U.
H     Social Sciences  
  The sum of small things : Currid-Halkett, Elizabeth
  The theory of the leisure class  Veblen, Thorstein
  How to work from home and make money in 2018 : Kerns, Sam
  The values book : Schiller, Pamela Byrne
  Transgender history : Stryker, Susan
  The second coming of the KKK : Gordon, Linda
  A higher loyalty : Comey, James B., Jr.
  The death penalty : Melusky, Joseph Anthony
L      Education  
  10 mindframes for visible learning : Hattie, John
  Campus sexual violence   
M     Music  
  Destined for greatness : Ramirez, Michael
  Paul Simon : Hilburn, Robert
N     Fine Arts  
  The lives of the surrealists  Morris, Desmond
  Broad strokes : Quinn, Bridget
  The moderns : Heller, Steven
  Mona Lisa : Kemp, Martin
P     Language and Literature  
  How we talk : Enfield, N. J.
  The last temptation of Christ  Kazantzakis, Nikos
  Orson Welles in focus :  
  Making the monster : Harkup, Kathryn
  The idiot's calendar  Maurice, Raphael P.
  Beyond rock bottom  Petrovic, Kara
Q     Science  
  The beautiful brain :  
  Inventing ourselves : Blakemore, Sarah-Jayne
R     Medicine  
            The 36-hour day : Mace, Nancy L.
  Depression : Tacchi, Mary Jane
  The addiction solution : Sederer, Lloyd I.
  Food allergies : Sicherer, Scott H.
T     Technology  
  Miracle brew : Brown, Pete
  The photo ark : Sartore, Joel
  Sugar, butter, flour : Castle, Sheri
Z     Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources  
  Censored : Fellion, Matthew

May 2018

B     Philosophy, Psychology, Religion  
  The Cambridge dictionary of philosophy   
  A whack on the side of the head : von Oech, Roger
  Crucial conversations :  
  The 7 habits of highly effective people : Covey, Stephen R.
  A history of Judaism  Goodman, Martin
D     History: Europe, Asia, Africa  
  With the Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa  Sledge, Eugene Bondurant
  The fox hunt : Al Samawi, Mohammed
  The Vietnam War : Ward, Geoffrey C.
  My Vietnam, your Iraq  
E-F  History: America  
  First ladies of the Republic : Abrams, Jeanne E.
  The complete encyclopedia of African American history, Vol. 1-4  
  Frederick Douglass : Dilbeck, D. H.
H     Social Sciences  
  The self-employment survival guide : Yocum, Jeanne
  Upside : Gronbach, Kenneth W.
  Crucial accountability : Patterson, Kerry
  Two homes, one childhood : Emery, Robert E.
  Pregnancy and parenting : Akin, Jessica
  The other America : Harrington, Michael
  The story of my life  Keller, Helen
  Hate crimes : Gerstenfeld, Phyllis B.
  Racial profiling : Behnke, Alison
  The prison in twelve landscapes   
J     Political Science  
  The discourses. Machiavelli, Niccoló
K     Law  
  Family law in a nutshell  Myers, John E. B.
  Legal guide for starting & running a small business  Steingold, Fred S.
  The law of schools, students, and teachers in a nutshell  Alexander, Kern
L     Education  
  How college affects students, Vol. 3 Pascarella, Ernest T.
  Trans* in college : Nicolazzo, Z.
  True gentlemen : Hechinger, John Edward
N     Fine Arts  
  Delirious : Baum, Kelly
  Michael Graves : Volner, Ian
  The moderns : Heller, Steven
  A celebration of animation : Gitlin, Marty
P     Language and  Literature  
  Works of prey :  
  How to read poetry like a professor : Foster, Thomas C.
  The elements of journalism : Kovach, Bill
  Make ours Marvel :  
  The poem is you : Burt, Stephen
  The grapes of wrath  Steinbeck, John
  Prairie fires : Fraser, Caroline
  Everything I never told you  Ng, Celeste
Q     Science  
  Knowing and teaching elementary mathematics : Ma, Liping
R     Medicine  
  Scott Cole in home/in studio  
  Factfulness : Rosling, Hans
  In the womb  
            Buzzed : Kuhn, Cynthia


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