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*NEW recently added to ECC's collection - Books, DVDs, and Music CDs: New Books & Documentaries - General Collection/Research

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NEW Books & Documentaries - General Collection/Research

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February 2018

A     General Works  
  Famous first facts :  
B     Philosophy, Psychology, Religion  
  The 5 second rule : Robbins, Mel
  The yes brain : Siegel, Daniel J.
  An easy guide to APA style  Schwartz, Beth M.
  Understanding everyday incivility : Lane, Shelley D.
  Set in stone : Joselit, Jenna Weissman
D     History: Europe, Asia, Africa  
  The South China Sea conflict   
E-F  History: America  
  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights  Hillstrom, Laurie Collier
  Slavery's capitalism :  
  Jamestown : Kelso, William M.
G     Geography, Anthropology, Recreation  
  How to survive off the grid  MacWelch, Tim
  The complete Katy Trail guidebook  Dufur, Brett
  Strength training : Pagano, Joan
  Bike boom : Reid, Carlton
H     Social Sciences  
  How to lie with statistics  Huff, Darrell
  The general theory of employment, interest and money : Keynes, John Maynard
  Small is beautiful : Schumacher, Ernst Friedrich
  Free to choose : Friedman, Milton
  Capitalism : Rand, Ayn
  The great crash, 1929  Galbraith, John Kenneth
  A rabble of dead money : Morris, Charles R.
  American business since 1920 : Childs, William R.
  The Industrial revolution : Allen, Robert C.
  How to write a business plan  McKeever, Mike P.
  Write your business plan :  
  First, break all the rules :  
  A world of three zeros : Yunus, Muhammad
  Labor in America : Dubofsky, Melvyn
  Modernize your resume : Enelow, Wendy S.
  Motivated resumes & LinkedIn profiles! : Howard, Brian E.
  Millennials with kids : Fromm, Jeff
  You need a budget : Mecham, Jesse
  Naked money : Wheelan, Charles J.
  Hanging out : Hill, Valerie
  The driver in the driverless car : Wadwha, Vivek
  The explosive child : Greene, Ross W.
  Beyond Mars and Venus : Gray, John
  The state of affairs : Perel, Esther
  Why gender matters : Sax, Leonard
  The mask of masculinity : Howes, Lewis
  Ask : Stryker, Kitty
  Shortfall : Echols, Alice
J     Political Science  
  Republican like me : Stern, Ken
  Decolonization : Jansen, Jan C.
K     Law  
  Impeachment : Sunstein, Cass R.
L     Education  
  Learning assessment techniques : Barkley, Elizabeth F.
  Assessing student learning : Suskie, Linda A.
  The struggle to reform our colleges  Bok, Derek Curtis
N     Fine Arts  
  Illustrating children's books  Ursell, Martin
P     Language and Literature  
  The business of writing for children : Shepard, Aaron
  Was the Cat in the Hat black? : Nel, Philip
  American poets   
  The artist's compass : Moore, Rachel
  Script analysis for theatre : Knopf, Robert
  The great movies IV  Ebert, Roger
  The Art of watching films  Boggs, Joseph M.
  Toms, coons, mulattoes, mammies, and bucks : Bogle, Donald
  1001 movies you must see before you die   
  An actor's work  Stanislavsky, Konstantin
  Fifty more professional scenes and monologs for student actors : Kluger, Garry Michael
  The perfect stage crew Kaluta, John
  Born a crime : Noah, Trevor
  The essential guide to freelance writing : Petit, Zachary
  Jane  McKenna, Aline Brosh
  Brave new world : Huxley, Aldous
  No map could show them  Mort, Helen
  Three rivers reflections   
  Three rivers reflections   
  Of poetry & protest :  
  The Breakbeat poets :  
  Mightier than the sword : Reynolds, David S.
  The great and terrible  Byers, Natalie
  Royals  Sigo, Cedar
Q     Science  
  Installing and Configuring Windows 10 Exam 70-698  
  Experience on demand : Bailenson, Jeremy
  Mars : McEwen, Alfred S.
  Snooze : McGirr, Michael
R     Medicine  
  Gender medicine : Glezerman, Marek
  Alzheimer disease sourcebook :  
  Anxiety disorders sourcebook :  
S     Agriculture  
  Cannabis : Small, Ernest
T     Technology  
  Robot building for beginners  Cook, David Alan
  Small engines and outdoor power equipment :  
  The great transition : Brown, Lester Russell
  Let it shine : Perlin, John
  Wind energy for the rest of us : Gipe, Paul
  WordPress for dummies  Sabin-Wilson, Lisa
  Our energy future : Jones, Carla S.
  Biodiesel basics : Patel, Amar
  How do I do that in Photoshop? : Kelby, Scott
  Sugar : Smith, Andrew F.
  Clueless in the kitchen : Raab, Evelyn
Z     Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources  
  The Newbery and Caldecott awards: a guide to the medal and honor books  Association for Library Service to Children

January 2018

C      Auxiliary Sciences of History
             The 21st century (2000-2017) Vol. 1-3
E-F   History: America
White rage : Anderson, Carol Elaine
We were eight years in power : Coates, Ta-Nehisi
G     Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
How to survive off the grid  MacWelch, Tim
Bit by bit : Ervin, Andrew
H     Social Sciences
The encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance Vol. 1-6
LGBTQ in the 21st century 
Internet abuses and privacy rights 
Guns in America 
L     Education
U.S. national debate topic, 2017-2018.
The new education : Davidson, Cathy N.
N     Fine Arts
Careers in the arts :
P     Language and Literature
American poets Vol. 1-4
The artist's compass : Moore, Rachel
Critical survey of drama Vol. 1-8
The Art of watching films  Boggs, Joseph M.
Toms, coons, mulattoes, mammies, and bucks : Bogle, Donald
1001 movies you must see before you die 
Black magic : Hughes, Langston
No plot? No problem! : Baty, Chris
Principles of American journalism : Craft, Stephanie
Oxford dictionary of proverbs 
Bartlett's familiar quotations : Bartlett, John
Black Country  Berry, Liz
Kumukanda  Chingonyi, Kayombo
African American culture 
Representative American speeches, 2016-2017 
Q     Science
Everybody lies : Stephens-Davidowitz, Seth
R     Medicine
Death and dying sourcebook :
Depression sourcebook :
Prescription drug abuse 
T     Technology
Robot building for beginners  Cook, David Alan
Let it shine : Perlin, John
Vlog like a boss : Schmittauer, Amy
WordPress for dummies  Sabin-Wilson, Lisa
Biodiesel basics : Patel, Amar
Pure soapmaking : Faiola, Anne-Marie
Photoshop : Slavio, John
U     Military Science
Hellfire boys : Emery, Theo

December 2017

E-F    History: America  
  The Civil war : Hersberger, Kevin Richard
M     Music  
  Moonwalk  Jackson, Michael
N     Fine Arts  
  Logo design love : Airey, David
P     Language and Literature  
  The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy  Adams, Douglas
  Not without laughter  Hughes, Langston
R     Medicine  
  A practical guide to happiness in children and teens on the autism spectrum : Honeybourne, Victoria 

November 2017

B     Philosophy, Psychology, Religion  
          Blowing up : Minetor, Randi
  Muslims and the making of America  Hussain, Amir
D     History: Europe, Asia, Africa  
  America and the Great War : Wagner, Margaret E.
  War against war : Kazin, Michael
  The cold war : Westad, Odd Arne
  Charlemagne  Fried, Johannes
  Gorbachev : Taubman, William
  The hornet's nest   
E-F   History: America  
  First ladies and American women : Hummer, Jill Abraham
  A concise history of U.S. foreign policy  Kaufman, Joyce P.
  Struggle on their minds : Zamalin, Alex
G     Geography, Anthropology, Recreation  
  What made Maddy run : Fagan, Kate (Sports writer)
H     Social Sciences  
  Leaders eat last : Sinek, Simon
  Start with why : Sinek, Simon
  Innovation and scaling for impact : Seelos, Christian
  Excuse me : Thomas, Rosanne J.
  Hidden in plain sight : Mehlman-Orozco, Kimberly
  The American middle class :  
  The American middle class :  
  No right to be idle : Rose, Sarah F.
  Substance abuse : Newton, David E.
J     Political Science  
  Defying the odds : Ceaser, James W.
K     Law  
  Tainted witness : Gilmore, Leigh
  The public domain : Fishman, Stephen
L     Education  
  The almanac of American education 2017   
  Teaching college : Eng, Norman
  Scholarship handbook 2018  
M    Music  
  Encyclopedia of classic rock  Luhrssen, David
N     Fine Arts  
  Treasures of Asian art : Leidy, Denise Patry
  May Morris : Morris, May
P     Language and Literature  
  Disney A to Z : Smith, Dave
  The elements of journalism : Kovach, Bill
  The year's best science fiction :  
  The walking dead compendium one  Kirkman, Robert
  The walking dead compendium two  Kirkman, Robert
  The walking dead compendium three  Kirkman, Robert
  The Omega Men : King, Jeff F.
  Do androids dream of electric sheep?  Dick, Philip K.
  In Darwin's room  Greger, Debora
  The illuminatus! trilogy  Shea, Robert
  Depression & other magic tricks  Benaim, Sabrina
  Zig-zag girl  Twohy, Brenna
  Plucking the stinger  Rogers, Stephanie M.
Q     Science  
  Prime numbers and the Riemann hypothesis  Mazur, Barry
  Ecoviews too : Gibbons, Whit
  Experiments in democracy : Hurlbut, J. Benjamin
  The secret life of the mind : Sigman, Mariano
R     Medicine  
  No apparent distress : Pearson, Rachel
  The body size and health debate  Selby, Christine L. B.
  Alzheimer's disease decoded : Sahyouni, Ronald
  Book for Crohns : forCrohns
  Handbook of pediatric psychology   
  ADHD : Wender, Paul H.
T     Technology  
  Girls auto clinic glove box guide  Banks, Patrice
Z     Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources  
  Silenced in the library : Jarvis, Zeke
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