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English Composition course, EN 1223/EN 1333

This guide is designed to help English Composition students find, evaluate, use and cite information related to their course assignments.

Databases for Research

For articles on topics related to English, search the following EBSCO databases:

EBSCOhost - Academic Search Premier - This database contains articles from 4,500 magazines and journals; full-text and scholarly options.

Opposing Viewpoints - Includes viewpoint articles, magazine, journal and newspaper articles, statistics, images, and website links 

Issues and Controversies-- Articles on hot topics in politics, government, business, education and popular culture

Global Issues in Context -- Global perspective of international issues from variety of media formats and sources

Literature Resource Center - Contains articles, critical essays, topic overviews, works, biography and author information. Encompasses all genres, disciplines, time periods and world wide

Bloom's Literary Reference Online - Essays on the lives and works of great writers.

Short Stories for Students - Accesses more than 2,000 scholar-signed essays on the lives and works of more than 1,400 world wide authors from all time periods.


EBSCOhost - Regional Business - Full text coverage of more than 80 regional business publications covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States 

Biography Reference Center - Collection of more than 450,000 biographies

Credo Reference - Subject specific references including images, maps, in-depth writings, biographical writings, sound files and more 

EBSCO eBooks - Over 125,000 electronic books available for viewing with an internet connection

Gale Virtual Reference - Collection of electronic books on a variety of topics

Off Campus Login

YES! You can access all of ECC Library's databases from home.

When you select a specific database (through the Library website) it will prompt you to enter:

ECC ID # followed by EC

Last Name

For example:



If you need assistance please call 636 584-6560

Database search tips

Keyword Index

Use Boolean operaters to combine keywords.

   AND - combines two or more words and the results will contain all the words

   OR - broadens the search to include either keyword in the results; great for synonyms

   NOT - narrows the search by excluding a keyword

Title Index

   Enter a title, but exclude starting "The" "An" or "A"

Author Index

   Last name, First name

Library of Congress Subject Headings Index

   The subject of the book is about  x, y, z.

   A special language used in library catalogs and research databases, it can narrow the results better than keyword

   Review the abstract or summary of the article for "Subject Terms"  These are clickable and will generate a new search with the focus of the article on THAT subject.  You can combined more than one subject in the Advanced Search Option.

Search strategies

The Library can help you improve your searching to find your resources.


  • Use keywords and link using "and", do not search by phrase.
  • Use Library of Congress subject headings.  Ask a Librarian for assistance as this is a specific language that can quickly narrow down your results.

Articles and Scholarly Journals

  • Use Boolean searching, "and" "or" "not" to narrow down your results.
  • Use subject headings to find results that are the focus of your topic, not just a keyword.




  • Can be difficult to find current information, use credible resources of .gov sites or articles