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Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

Library resource page for Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at East Central College


CINAHL - Articles from professional Allied Health journals and related information. Start out by searching for "Occupational Therapy". With a standard search, you receive around 30,000 articles:

Under advanced Search you can limit the amount of search results by selecting Full Text, changing the Published Date, Selecting Peer Reviewed, or selecting a Special Interest (see below):

This now limits your search results to less than 2,000, instead of 30,000:


You may add another subject or keyword to further narrow your search. For example: Occupational Therapy and obesity.

OTA Journals @ ECC Library

Electronic journals that focus on Occupational Therapy can be found by searching the databases like CINAHL and Medline
**Search databases for online journals**

Here are several OTA journals listed below: