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Religion, Philosophy, Ethics and Logic: Books @ ECC

Library resources for the courses in Religion, Philosophy, Ethics and Logic at East Central College

General collection

Books and documentaries that focus on Religion, Philosophy and Ethics are located in the call numbers of  "B" 

"B" refers to the Library of Congress call numbers, a way to shelve materials in a library.

B : Philosophy (General)

BC : Logic

BD : Speculative philosophy

BF : Psychology

BH : Aethetics

BJ : Ethics

BL : Religions. Mythology. Rationalism

BM : Judaism

BP : Islam. Bahaism

BQ : Buddhism

BR : Christianity

BS : The Bible

BT: Doctrinal theology
BX : Christian Denominations


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@ Religion

A select list of books related to Religions.


@ Philosophy

Below is a select list of books related to Philosophy.  Books by Sir Anthony Kenny are highly recommended as well as History of Philosophy series by Copleston and Russell's History of Philosophy and other writings .  You can find these in print at ECC, available through MOBIUS and some are even EBSCO ebooks online.

@ Ethics and Logic

Below is a select list of books related to Ethics or Logic.

Books Stacks - General Collection