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LibGuide Introduction for Faculty @ East Central College: What is a LibGuide?

Learn about LibGuides, how to request one to be made and it's benefits for you and your students.

What is a LibGuide?

The East Central College uses software called LibGuides to organize library resources and highlight services for students and faculty.

LibGuides are a content management and information sharing system designed specifically for libraries. The platform allows for easy navigation through and instruction on core and relevant resources in a particular subject field, class, or assignment.

LibGuides can be made for a department, general course, specific section, specific assignment, and highlighting events and services.

Department -

General Course -

Specific Course -

Specific Assignment -

Event - 

Services -

Why use LibGuides?

The LibGuide platform allows us to:

  • Add ECC Library resources, specific search topics or general items of books, DVDs and more.
  • Add search terms linked to article results lists in EBSCOhost.
  • Recommend the best databases for your coursework.
  • Add Films on Demands clips.
  • Add a list of recommended websites for their use.
  • LibGuides are printable and can be used as handouts.
  • We can update the information on the page QUICKLY.
  • We can integrate chat technology into your guides for constant communication with your students.  We can even initiate proactive chat.  If the librarian editor is online, and student is on a page for up to 2 minutes we will "pop in" and ask if you need assistance.

This guide includes content adapted with permission from Robin Kear, Liaison Librarian, University of Pittsburgh.  November 9, 2015.

Benefits for Your Students

Teaches at the point-of-need to your students.

Information is chunked and resources presented in a linear, intuitive fashion.

Meets the needs of students with diverse learning styles.

Convenient for students who can't (or won't) come to the library.

Students can access anywhere -  from home, computer lab, Learning Center, Library ; all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Beneficial for distance learners who don't need to learn the whole library.

Allows students to focus on the relevant and sift out the less relevant.

Visually demonstrates that there are great resources, in multiple formats, on even the most difficult topic. That reassurance builds the confidence of students who need to get started on their research and eases anxiety.

Direct link to Get Help page with 24/7 chat and text options.  After hours chat is staffed by degreed librarians.  Sunday 10 am - Friday at Midnight and 10 am - 10 pm on Saturday.

Information for Faculty

A well-designed LibGuide will point to suggested resources that support an assignment or course material. 

Guides will pool resources to support your students research...and your own!

Variety of library staff can be editors to a particular LibGuide. 

How Can I Request a Guide?

To request a LibGuide on the subjects of Psychology, Religion, Philosophy, History, Physical Education, Geography, Anthropology, Social Sciences, Political Science, Law, Education, Music, Art, contact:

Lisa Farrell


To request a LibGuide on the subjects of Business, Computer Science, Math, Accounting, Economics, Foreign Language, Literature, Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, EMT, Culinary , English, contact:

Lisa Farrell