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World Music course, MU 1503: Books @ ECC

This guide will help you find resources for music studies and World Music course 1503 as a student at East Central College.

General collection

Books and documentaries that focus on Music are located in the General Collection in the "M" section.  Some materials related to countries can also be found in "D" and "E" section.

"M" "D", and "E" refers to the Library of Congress call numbers, a way to shelve materials in a library.

Here are some examples

M1629 Songs, United States

M1630.18 Popular music

M1685-M1853 National music (vocal) by country

ML3544-ML3785 National music, history and criticism by country

ML3798-ML3799 Ethnomusicology

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Suggested Subject Headings

Below are examples of useful subject headings for searching Archway and other library catalogs.

Brass instruments
Cajun music
[English names for specific instruments]
Folk music--[country name]
Folk music--Ireland
Folk dance music--[country name]
Folk dance music--ltaly
Gamelan music
Indians of North America—music
Instrumental music
Music--[country name]
Musicians--[continent, region, country, culture, or language]
Percussion instruments
Popular music -- [country]
Reggae music
Stringed instruments, Bowed
Wind instruments
Woodwind instruments

ECC Books related to World Music