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Finding & Using Permalinks: Gale - OVRC, GIC, Lit

How to find permalinks for library resources, books, articles and database searching at East Central College

EZproxy included

This one is easy! The ezproxy prefix is preset in this database. 
You only need to copy and paste the URL, Bookmark or Permalink for off campus and on campus access.

Gale, Opposing Viewpoints, Global Issues, Literature

For most of the Gale databases, the document URL for a Gale article is available in the Bookmark pop up and also at the end of an article.

Be sure to copy the entire Bookmark URL:

  • When you copy the URL, do not include any brackets <> that may enclose the URL. 
  • You will NOT need to add the proxy URL to all Gale URLs.
  • Note:  The full URL does not display entirely while in Internet Explorer but a copy command will select the entire URL

Example of a document URL, which already includes the WAM proxy.