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Art and Design Department at ECC: Art & Design Deparment

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Degrees available

Associate of Arts ; additional information including course offerings is available at:

The Associate of Arts (AA) degree is the institutional transfer degree. Each AA degree is comprised of the general education block (a minimum of 43 credit hours) coupled with elective options in the academic area of choice, totaling a minimum of 64 credit hours. Students completing the AA degree who transfer to a public baccalaureate institution in Missouri will enter the transfer institution at the junior level; all lower division general education coursework will be satisfied.

Information on the following AA degree options is provided at the links below.

Associate of Applied Science

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is the career and workforce preparation degree. Each AAS degree is comprised of a block of general education coursework (a minimum of 20 hours) coupled with a minimum of 44 credit hours of program based coursework. While the AAS is a career preparation degree, many institutions may consider the degree in transfer. Certificate Options are also available in many of the career fields offering the AAS degree.

Information on the following AAS degree options is provided at the links below.

Associate of Fine Arts

The Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) degree is the institutional fine arts degree, with options in studio art. A specifically articulated degree with specific Missouri baccalaureate institutions, the AFA degree is comprised of a general education core tailored to students interested in study in a Bachelor of Fine Arts program and the necessary fine arts coursework to prepare students for that study, totaling a minimum of 64 credit hours. Students may choose from a variety of elective coursework appropriate for the specialized areas of studio art and music.

NASAD Accredited

East Central College is an accredited by NASAD, National Association of Schools of Arts and Design in these degree programs.

Associate of Applied Science-2 years: Design (Graphic Design, Multimedia)
  Associate of Arts-2 years: Studio Art
  Associate of Fine Arts-2 years: Fine Arts