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Finding & Using Permalinks: Home

How to find permalinks for library resources, books, articles and database searching at East Central College

Why use a permalink

Saving the link for an Archway search, a subscription database or a specific article can be tricky. Many try to copy and save the link shown in the address bar, however this is only for todays search session on this specific computer.  It will not work for access later.

The solution is to use a permalink instead. Permalinks also known as permanent links are assigned to a specific book, database, database search result list and even specific articles. Using the permalink makes getting back to the resource much easier.  It's a great (and legal) way to share articles with your class in moodle or have your students build a bibliography list for your review.

So how do you find a permalink? Use the above tabs to find the database you are searching for specific information on permalinks.  

Need further assistance?  Please contact Lisa Farrell, x6658 for more information.

What is a proxy server/prefix?

ECC Library uses a proxy servers to provide remote users with access to our licensed resources, such as EBSCOhost.

Those outside of our IP address must be authenticated through the proxy server.  Authentication means that person meets the criteria of current ECC student, staff, or faculty and is allowed access to licensed resources. 

Authentication is through name and ECC ID number, followed by "ec" .  Those two pieces along with the date of current enrollment allows access. 

ECC Library's WAM proxy prefix looks like this:
http://0-{resource domain}{rest of domain}


The most important thing to remember is that in order for the library’s licensed resources to work off-campus, their URLs must contain the WAM proxy.

Not included, please ask for assistance

Please ask Lisa Farrell for assistance in creating permalinks for:

  • ARTstor
  • Counties, Peoples and Cultures
  • Great Lives from History
  • Heritage Quest
  • Learning Express Library

Also known as

Not all databases use the word "permalink." They can also be called:

  • permanent link
  • persistent link
  • stable link
  • document link
  • bookmark
  • URL
  • static link
  • link


You may be in violation of copyright law or license restrictions if you post content [e-mail the entire article] without appropriate authorization or permission.  Using permalinks is the preferred option as linking is not a violation of copyright.  For more information about copyright law, please see the Copyright and Fair Use LibGuide