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MCM 101: Introduction to Mass Media Communication

This is a guide to the mass communications resources available through the East Central College Library. The menu Tabs provide links to resources to assist with your information needs. Please contact the library if you need extra help in your search or ha


Concept Mapping
Concept MapA concept map is a visual representation of a research topic. Concept maps are a great way to organize and explore the different facets of your topic. Once you decide on a main research topic, make that the center of your concept map. Determine the key concepts and areas that make up your main topic and make these the first branches from your central topic. Additional branches can break your subtopics down into more specific areas, which can help to narrow down your focus if your main topic is too broad to research.

Brainstorming Keywords

Mass Communication wordle

Once you have a topic in mind, develop a list of related terms and ideas to use in your search.

  1. Identify your topic
  2. Identify 2 - 4 key concepts related to your topic
  3. Identify multiple related keywords for each concept


Use Boolean Operators with parentheses and multiple keywords to produce very specific results! 



media AND (women OR girls) AND (body image OR self esteem)