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MCM 101: Introduction to Mass Media Communication

This is a guide to the mass communications resources available through the East Central College Library. The menu Tabs provide links to resources to assist with your information needs. Please contact the library if you need extra help in your search or ha

Books & eBooks at ECC

Searching MOBIUS Catalog

MOBIUS is a group of over 75 libraries in Missouri that share books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, and more with each other.  East Central College is a member of MOBIUS and this allows you to request up to 10 titles at a time of over 30 million selections.

Requests are sent to either ECC-Union or ECC-Rolla.

   ECC-Union in 3-4 days and delivered Monday - Friday.

   ECC-Rolla in 3-5 days and delivered Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

You will be sent an e-mail when it's ready to be picked up.  Books and audiobooks check out for 4 weeks, all other materials check out for 10 days.  Lost book fee is actual replacement costs set by owning library.

The MOBIUS catalog is accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

Similar to searching the Archway catalog, you have options of Keyword, Title, Author and Subjects. 

MOBIUS is a larger collection.  Keyword searches often result in a large number of items.  You can also ask an ECC Librarian for assistance in narrowing down your results or finding better keywords and subjects terms.