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Affordable and Open Educational Resources (A&OER): Winter 2023 Courses

ECC Course with Free or Reduced Textbooks

These Winter 2023 sections of courses at East Central College are requiring textbook(s) that are affordable and/or open.  It may be an electronic online only option or be a printed copy of less than $50.00.  Please pay special attention to the course section as not all sections require the same materials at this time.  Your course may also require texts, lab manual, etc that must be purchased in print.  These will also be included on this page and the new price listed, make your purchase at ECC Bookstore as there may be a used copy is available for purchase at a lower price.

Contact your course instructor if you have any questions about the textbook.  You will find their contact information in online course page. 
Check with ECC Library for a printed version of your textbook on Instructor's Course Reserve.  Many A&OERs are available for 2 hour check out. 

MUS 101 - WEB - Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation - MUS 101 - WEB

Instructor - varies


  1. Understanding Music by N. Alan Clark; Thomas Heflin; Jeffrey Kluball; Elizabeth Kramer , online FREE or print, $50.15


CLICK TITLE FOR LINK of TEXTBOOK - online FREE or print, $50.15

PHL 203 - WEB - Ethics

Ethics - PHL 203 - WEB

Instructor - Matthew Gifford


  1. A New History of Western Philosophy by Anthony Kenny , print only, purchase at ECC Bookstore, $29.95

A New History of Western Philosophy may be purchased at ECC Bookstore, $29.95

SOC 101- WEB - General Sociology

General Sociology - SOC 101 - WEB

Instructor - R. Howard


  1. Introduction to Sociology 3e by Jeff Bry, online FREE or print, $34.60

CLICK TITLE FOR LINK of TEXTBOOK - online FREE or print, $34.60


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Please double check with ECC Bookstore for your specific course and section.