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Ebooks - Using Electronic Online Books: Libby by Overdrive

This guide will assist you in finding electronic books in EBSCO ebooks, Gale Virtual Reference Library and Credo Reference. Information on downloading and transferring EBSCO books is also included.

Download the Libby by Overdrive app to your smartphone or tablet for instant access to free audiobooks & eBooks! Find books on your subject or topic. Besides books to help you in your classes, you can find Young Adult books, Leisure Reading books, & more on Libby. You can also access Overdive on you computer/laptop here: Overdrive eBooks and Audiobooks

The free Libby app is the easiest way to get started with ebooks, audiobooks, & magazines from East Central College Library. All you need to do is download the app and sign into our library using your student, staff, or faculty ID number to begin browsing the digital collection.

1. Install the Libby app from the app store on your iOS or Android device.

2. In Libby, follow the prompts to find MOBIUS 

3. Change the location to East Central College

4.. Sign in with your ID number with "ec" at the end (ex: 0123456ec)

5. Browse the digital collection and borrow a title

6. Have fun!

Fun Facts:

*Titles are automatically returned at the end of the lending period. No overdue books!

*Check out up to 10 titles at one time

*Borrow titles for up to 14 days

*Titles can be renewed for another 14 days if no one is waiting for it

*If a title isn't currently available, you can place a hold to be on the waitlist

*You can make lists using tags

*You can have more than one library card loaded in Libby at the same time!