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Databases, Articles, Images, Ebooks and more Online Resources: CQ Researcher

This guide is about databases and other credible online resources at ECC Library. A list by subject, alphabetical or by type is included as well as tips and tutorial for certain databases such as EBSCO and Opposing Viewpoints.

CQ Researcher for Current Events

CQ Researcher is a good resource if you want to get up to speed on current events, controversial topics, and emerging trends. Features such as Overview, Background, and Pro/Con orient you to the topic. Current Situation, Outlook, and Chronology provide a timely assessment of the topic and Bibliography and The Next Step provide you with resources to find more information. Maps/Graphs guide you to the tables, charts, and images in the report.

CQ Researcher concentrates on health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy. Reports are published weekly 44 times a year.  Each report is devoted to a single topic with information in a quick and easy format. At an average length of 20 pages, reports also contain helpful graphics & visual aids. 

Pro/Con discussion


Maps and Graphs

Features of CQ Researcher

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CQ Researcher has keyword searching, a featured report and hot topics on the front page.


Bibliography provides other sources of information on your topic.