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Databases, Articles, Images, Ebooks and more Online Resources: EBSCOhost and scholary articles

This guide is about databases and other credible online resources at ECC Library. A list by subject, alphabetical or by type is included as well as tips and tutorial for certain databases such as EBSCO and Opposing Viewpoints.

EBSCO search tips for articles, ebooks and more

After selecting EBSCOhost on "Find an Article" you will want to narrow down your options depending on the topic of your research.

 It's like deciding what department of the store to shop in.

For many search topics the best pick is Academic, Associates and Humanities.

There are also specialized departments, Business, Literary Reference, Biography, Nursing, ebooks, Teacher education and Science.

You can view the entire listing if you choose "Entire database" and there are even more options of Masterfile, Greenfile, etc.

If in doubt, Ask a Librarian.

Do NOT select ALL.  This will slow down your search and the result list will be too large.


(continue to scroll down page for more)




Enter Keyword search terms in the Basic Search box (Use Boolean operators to link) Options of full-text, scholarly and publication dates are also available, but not required.

Boolean Operators 

   AND - combines two or more words and the results will contain all the words

   OR - broadens the search to include either keyword in the results; great for synonyms

   NOT - narrows the search by excluding a keyword

Subject Headings or Specific Language

Look at various articles for specific keywords or subjects to create another search string.  Many have these as clickable terms.


Certain symbols serve as "wildcards" in search terms

Asterick = wom*n = woman = women

Question mark = recycl? = recycling = recycle = recycled

Phrase searching

Use quotation marks around a phrase "exact terms in this order"

Advanced Search option

Narrow your results by scholarly, date, type, subject, publication, geography - options vary depending on database