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Databases, Articles, Images, Ebooks and more Online Resources: Opposing Viewpoints

This guide is about databases and other credible online resources at ECC Library. A list by subject, alphabetical or by type is included as well as tips and tutorial for certain databases such as EBSCO and Opposing Viewpoints.

Overview of Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints in Context is a database of "reliable facts and targeted opinions" to assist students in "developing informed conclusions"

It covers current topics and provides pro/con views of over 130,000 reports making it useful for speeches, pro/con papers and more.  It also includes a variety of other resources including journal articles, primary sources, statistics and more.

Start at the Basic Search box to enter keywords.  You will be prompted with similar words as you type, but do not feel required to use their suggestion.


If you do not have a topic in mind review their home page for a variety of options.  Click on each topic for information, or choose the SUBJECT HEADING TITLE for more topics in that subject area.




After you have selected a topic or entered a search you will get a variety of results.

  • Feature viewpoints/Viewpoints  - pro/con positions of the topic
  • Academic journals - articles written by experts in their field
  • News - newspaper articles
  • Reference - small articles within books, a general overview
  • Magazines - articles written by reporters
  • Websites - reliable websites, often national organizations
  • Interactive map - can include statistics
  • Videos - PBS, Newshour
  • Images - photos and stills, these can be used in your papers and powerpoints
  • Audio - NPR reports, Talk of the Nation

Tutorials and Tips

View Product Training Video Tutorials

Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints - Topic Pages (1:30)

Gale Tools - Downloading and Sending to Google Drive and OneDrive (1:00)

Narrowing Your Research Topic (1:15)

Review Search Tips, Tool Tips, and More

Tip Sheet

Many of the library's databases include  citations or citation tools.

You may be able to just cut and paste the citation for that exact resource or article.

Opposing Viewpoints - located at bottom of article or choose the citation tool to download

Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search option to add more search terms or place limiters of peer reviewed, dates, type of resource, etc.